Combining Chiropractic Care with BCST

Chiropractic care combined with BCST usually brings about a “wow”-feeling from clients. It’s a very calm, subtle and profoundly healing form of treatment, which assists the body’s natural capacity for balance, self-repair and innate wisdom in moving forward towards homeostasis. 

As being such a gentle therapy, it’s highly suitable for newborn/babies, children, the elderly, people with determination and those with delicate, degenerative or painful conditions.

Benefits of BCST are in improvements of symptoms of dis-ese, vitality, mental clarity and calmness to name a few.

It is especially useful for traumatic experiences like birth issues, accidents, TBI’s (traumatic brain injuries), illnesses and psychological stress from physical or mental/emotional trauma, when shock are held deep in the body’s brain/central nervous system. Ask for special folder on BCST.