Dr. Peter Engmark Taught Me to Fish

By Ralph Kruger

You know the old saying attributed to Confucius, “Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you’ve fed him for a lifetime.”  I met Peter in 2013 and for approximately two months he treated me a dozen or so times.   As we progressed Peter asked me if I was willing to try Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy.  I have always been open to a treatment, new or ancient and I was only interested in results so I readily agreed having no clue what it was anyways.  

In 2013 I was in my mid 50’s and had had a lifetime of pain and discomfort, enough to remove me from my first job as a USAF fighter pilot and ultimately caused a Long Term Disability status at American Airlines were I was a Captain on B767/757’s.    So what’s the problem?   Well, for 40 years I really had no exact idea what the problem was, precisely.   What I did know was I partially dislocated my right hip as a result of a hit in the lower back playing American High School football, 1975.    In 1976 I had a car accident and exited the vehicle through the windshield with my head leading the charge, that didn’t help.   But at the time I was playing college basketball and, well, I was bullet proof amongst other things like leaping tall buildings with a single bound.   Lastly in 1974 I had a cyst removed on my lower spine that built up from the use of a weight machine.   That’s a whole other story but in removing the cyst, a four inch surgical cut sliced across my spine and, if you believe in things like that as I do, across a couple of major meridians disrupting the flow of, well chi, I guess.  Like I said, I am open to whatever produces results even if it sounds odd to an average westerner. 

But here’s the thing.  With these three major traumatic physical events, back in the 70’s, in upstate New York, in a very small town of 2800 people, one did not get physical therapy.   Not only didn’t one get PT, I didn’t even know PT was a thing.   I was on crutches for 5 days and then simply went back to playing football and basketball.  Life was simple back then in small town America.  But as we know, if there is trauma and it is not treated, it stays in your body.  Not only does the trauma reside but if severe enough the body will begin to build supporting scaffolding to protect the injured area.   The longer the time, the greater the trauma, the more scaffolding the body builds to protect itself.   Ultimately these protective measure can result in some impressive (not in a good way) results.   In my case because of the instability and structural misalignment of my spine (by the way this is not a doctor’s opinion, but it’s my body and I spent 40 years going to doctors to try to treat my chronic pain without results, nuff said.) but the time I was in my early 50’s osteophytes that were described as very impressive had been built all along my cervical and thoracic spine.   Impressive enough to put a 90 degree turn in my esophagus requiring an operation to remove the bone growths.  Not to mention auto fusing of my vertebrae from my neck to mid back resulting in a lot of chronic pain.  I found all this to be true not because someone told me, but because I experienced this myself.  If this description conforms to current western medical thought fine, if it doesn’t, well, western medicine needs to catch up.   

I will add one more concept to this entire saga.   From start to finish, for decades and decades I never stopped exercising, running, playing basketball.  I still exercise daily.  To me, in my story, this is critical to a successful outcome. If I did not continue to exercise I have no idea where I would be today physically, but I am convinced it would not be in a better place.  Of course it was at times painful, especially in later years on longer runs, but it was a constant that provided invaluable body feedback as well as generally increasing my ability to handle the pain plus keeping other important parts of my body in shape, like the heart.  

So throughout the years I went about trying to find the solution and regularly had messages, chiropractic adjustments/alignments, acupuncture, and even some more esoteric treatments with magnets, zero balancing, plus others.   Fast forward to 2013 and I am now spending a lot of time in Dubai and as per normal procedure I find a chiropractor and masseuse.  And there I met Peter, as I mentioned in October of 2013.   After a few chiropractic treatments Peter suggested we try Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy. This really is just a technical name for the idea that your body is connected and it’s very much connect along your spinal meridians.  My words no one else’s.  These pathways can be tapped into and used to cathartically reduce or eliminate a body’s structural problems.  Sounds like a bunch of horse pucky doesn’t it.  Yeah, I know it does but the reality is it worked for me.  

So Peter darkened the room and simply placed his hands underneath and around my skull.  My body immediately reacted, started to undulate and I could feel immediate relief.   Now I have felt immediate relief after a skillful message as well, and after an adjustment, as well as after acupuncture.  But this relief was on another level.  So what happen that is critical to the story is that my body, after searching for decades to find a way to relieve my chronic pain, now found a way.  I saw Peter for some more sessions of Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy and then I moved to Mauritius.  Humm, you might say, end of story.  Once in Mauritius, so desperate was my body for relief, that if I placed my own hands on my skull, I could essentially do the same thing. And I did.   I was then able to find relief by placing my hands on my hip, my back, and most everywhere.  I found the solution.  It has been five and half years of an hour or two daily releasing my hip, neck and back, that I can report that for all practical purposes I have cured my physical issues that plagued me for decades.   And it was because Dr. Peter Engmark taught me how to fish. 

What was surprising was along with all the physical pain there were memories, emotions, and all kinds of life trapped in this pathology.  That’s first. Secondly after so many decades of compensation, it was surprising that so many layers and layers of compensation needed to be peeled back. Five and half years of an hour or two daily.  It was certainly not a chore because the process provided instantaneous and therapeutic relief. And lastly the sensation of releasing my right shoulder and my left hip begins to release as well. Or my forehead releases along with my right hip.  (There was a heck of a lot of stored pain in my head and neck from the car accident.).   It took a long time and it will never be completely over, but I can say that I have peeled back all the layers to where my body was in 1975.  Yes it is still in a now 60 year old body, but it’s the body I should have without trauma.

Over the decades I saw a lot of doctors. I saw a lot of practitioners, masseuses and chiropractors, but one, and only one doctor taught me how to fish and I will always be grateful to Peter for this.  I have recently regained my pilot physical and will be returning to flying at American Airlines.  

Thank you Peter,

Regards, Ralph