Best Chiropractors in Dubai

Review by Emirates Woman

“Dr Engmark was described to us as the miracle man and after one hour with the specialist we understood why.

As well as being a specialised chiropractor, he is also a trained CBT Counsellor as such he is able to determine whether the pain you are having is actually the result of a more psychological issues – often it is.

After an initial body assessment Dr Engmark corrects misalignments by gently ‘cracking’ your body. The difference you feel is instant. Migraines can disappear after one session. Trust us, we can 100 per cent vouch for this.

Dr Engmark, who is a firmer believer in mindfulness mediations, ends his sessions with a form of cranial osteopathy. Basically it feels like he is holding you head in his hands, while you lie on your back and relax. The idea is to relieve tension. Your reaction to this depends on your stress levels. Most fall asleep while others might find it uncomfortable.

Following sessions with Dr Peter can include both correcting misalignment or some patients prefer to ditch the ‘cracking’ in favour of a chat and cranial osteopathy. The choice is yours.”

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