Team Angel Wolf

Review by Team Angel Wolf

“We had been having a bit of a tough time with Rio’s seizures recently. Our feeling is that now he is 14 years old, teenage hormones are playing a big part in this….Whatever the reason, we continuously explore different ways to try to help our angel, with the struggles that he faces.

Apparently, Peter has always possessed a deep interest in the interrelationship of the body, mind and spirit. He has himself experienced and lived through long-term chronic pain, following a major car accident in 1974. Through dealing with his own pain, Peter has gained tremendous insight and developed a profound empathy for people who are suffering from physical pain, and the mental agony that it causes.

So far, Rio has seen Peter 4 times. On the first visit, I was a little apprehensive, as I realised that Rio was meant to lay down, still, on the massage table for the treatment… with him not fully comprehending the situation there was no way Rio was going to entertain the idea of even getting on the massage table, never mind keeping still! This made me anxious that I was wasting Peter’s time; but Peter, being the very kind, calm, patient, collective soul that he is, did not seem fazed by Rio’s behaviour; he just gave Rio the time and space to feel comfortable and find his own way.”

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